Franklin Accounting and Tax Service Inc.

From the simplest 1040 to the most complicated business return, we offer a complete range of tax services to individuals and small businesses. We can prepare returns for any state in the U.S. We also can assist with prior year returns, if you failed to file earlier or need to correct an error on a previously filed return. We will help you estimate your taxes for the current year and pay sufficient amounts to avoid late payment penalties. We know the rules regarding farming, rental property, retail sales & professional services.

We provide our clients with free electronic filing and free direct deposit of refunds. This gets your refund to you in 7-10 days, no costs and no hassles. IRS has significantly enhanced the electronic filing and direct deposit system and over 90% of our clients due refunds last year that e-filed and chose the direct deposit option received their tax refunds in less than 10 days! Many times, we can actually save you money over the fees charged by many of these tax preparation firms and we are open year round should you need our assistance! We do not close or reduce our hours after tax season. We are a full service firm year round!!

Are you having problems with the IRS or state? If you owe past due money, if you receive puzzling correspondence from the IRS, or if your return is selected for audit, we can help! As a Enrolled Agent we are enrolled to represent Taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. You should never assume IRS is correct when they send you a notice of additional taxes due. Let us review it and determine whether you actually owe or not.
Representation Before the IRS
Individual (Federal and State) Taxes
Corporate and Partnership Taxes
Estate & Gift Taxes--Federal and State
Nonprofit Organizations Taxes
We Prepare:
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